Love and Healing Quilts

Hello everyone,
With excitement and celebration, I announce the launch of the Angel Feather Energy quilting initiative which starts with the launch of Love and Healing Quilts.
These customized quilts are made with love, intention, angelic energy and colour therapy selected with recipients and their needs in mind. These quilts are also wonderful for children with special needs.
They are made by myself using a combination of machine and hand sewing along with the quilting component (artistic stitching of top, batting or middle and background) made by an authentic and reputable colleague.
The completed quilts are then charged with angelic energy, crystals, sacred geometry and Metatron Colour Healing aura sprays.
Most of the quilts are commissioned for an intended recipient while a few are made to be ready for immediate purchase
The quilt seen in this post is called the ‘Chakra Energy Quilt’. It is one that can be purchased using a customized approach whereby colours and star shape can be tailored to the individual. For example, the stars can be replaced with feathers.
Please see additional quilts for sale in the Quilts tab.
To discuss these quilts and your specific needs, please email me directly at
Angel blessings,