How to Talk to Your Angels…

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are all enjoying the much anticipated arrival of spring (fall for anyone reading this from the southern hemisphere). I certainly am enjoying the longer days with sunlight into the evening and seeing and hearing the birds back in the backyard.

One of the questions that I am most often asked is: ‘How do I talk to angels?’ So today, Archangel Metatron has asked that I write about this.

The angels want you to know that you can always talk to them and call upon them for help. You can call upon them for little things as well as for help with life’s bigger challenges…from help to finding a parking space to help finding the beauty in your life again. The angels want you to remember that they love you unconditionally and will never judge you. So do not be afraid to call upon them at any time or for whatever reason. All you have to do is to ask and trust that they are working with you on your request…that’s it!

The angels have different ways of letting you know that they are trying to connect with you. Here are some of the more common ways that they will use to connect. Angels use these signs to remind you that they are with you and you are not alone or alternatively, that they have a message for you.
– Finding a feather – sometimes, you will find a feather in an obvious place where you know that birds have been and at other times, a feather will just appear.
– Finding pennies or maybe dimes in Canada given that we no longer use pennies
– A tingling sensation on your skin
– Noticing the word ‘angel’ written in a book, a magazine or other printed forms
– Noticing certain numbers repeated frequently – for example, the number ’44’ is the number of angels and their way of reminding you that they are with you

Now the angels want you to focus on a few examples of the various ways that you can connect and talk with them.

– One way is to make an angel altar. On my altar, I usually include crystals, oracle cards, an angel figurine and symbols like feathers and other personal items. I dedicate my altar to my angels so that they may talk with me. I then ask them for a specific intention like a theme or help with a specific situation.

– Another way is to keep a journal. My diary is one of gratitude where at the end of every day, I thank my angels for their love and support throughout the day. I am very specific about this…I want them to know that I am grateful for all of their help whether big or small. Other journals can be kept to note dreams, thoughts, intentions and angel stories for example. A journal would be your own specific communication tool for connecting with your angels. You can also write a letter to your angels along the same method as a journal.

– A good way of talking with your angels is to make a vision board. Fill this board with pictures of things that you would like to bring into your life and focus on how you want to feel when you have your wishes. When you have finished, tune into your angels and ask them for help in co-creating these wishes with God and the Universe. I did this at the beginning of January for the year 2018 and I check in regularly with my angels on my progress.

– One of my favorite tools in talking with my angels is to use colour. This could be in the clothes and accessories that I wear or with flowers and crystals that I have near me. It is also in the aura spray that I select. Colour is energy and its vibration can help you connect to your angels. For example, when I want to connect with Archangel Chamuel and keep a vibration of love around me, I will wear something with the colour of pink and use a pink coloured aura spray.

– Finally, angels are asking you to simply ask. You can speak out loud (I do this when I am alone or with a group in a workshop.) It can be for something as simple as finding a parking space or something bigger like help in finding a new job. Whatever you wish help with, you simply need to call in your angels and ask.

Remember that we all have free will and whichever method you use to talk and connect with your angels, you need to ask…simply call them and with gratitude…ask.

If you wish more information on this topic, I have found a great book called 44 Ways to Talk to Your Angels by Liz Dean and Jayne Wallace.

Angel blessings,