Your Guardian Angel…

Note: picture is Willow Tree Guardian Angel

Hello everyone,
If you have been reading my blog over the last few months, you know that I have been working with archangel energy for a number of years now. However, in the last few months, I have also been building a relationship with my guardian angel as well.

What does having a guardian angel mean to you? For many of us, we associate guardian angels to children. So many of the pictures we see depict a guardian angel watching over a child. But did you know that your own unique guardian angel is with you from the moment of conception and will remain with you at all times until your passing to heaven.

Now let me back up for a moment…over several months of working with the energy of Archangel Metatron and other archangels, I was also guided to introduce my clients to their guardian angels. In one particular case, I was helping an older woman who had recently been widowed with her fear of being alone. During the session, her beautiful guardian angel introduced herself and asked that I remind my client that she is never alone…that her guardian angel is always with her and wanting to love and support her at all times. Variations of this happened with a few more clients over the next several weeks.

After one of these sessions, I had a moment of reflection and acknowledged that I did not know my own guardian angel. So I asked my guardian angel to help me get to know her/him and to send me clues on how to do that. I started to research guardian angels and here is what resonated with me:
– We all have a guardian angel and this unique angel has been assigned to each of us permanently – that is from our conception until our passing back to heaven. Even if a pregnancy does not unfold as planned, a guardian angel is with that soul until it returns to heaven.
– Like all angels, a guardian angel does not have a gender but does have either a male or female energy. This can help us to relate more with our guardian angel.
– All guardian angels have a personality – some have energy that is more sisterly or brotherly, solid, wise or even fun.
– All guardian angels are with us at all times – patiently waiting – maybe even waving at us – desperately trying to send us messages that will help us and support us throughout our lifetime.

Through my research, my guardian angel helped me to connect with a wonderful lady called Ros Place from Angels with Ros. Ros specialises in helping people to discover their life purpose with the help of their guardian angels. With Ros’ help, I discovered that my guardian angel is a female energy angel called Auriana and her name which means ‘To be wind in the sails, movement, golden and listening’. I am now working on continuing to build a loving relationship with Auriana along with the archangels as they love, support and guide me.

One of the ways that I am connecting with Auriana is through a morning routine. Auriana and I connect via a daily oracle card reading and journaling practice. For example, today’s card was Taking Action. As I continue to plan the areas of focus for my service via Angel Feathers Energy, she reminded me that I need to take action and not get stalled in the planning process. Today I will be working with her and Archangel Metatron to help me prioritize actions in order to get ready for a wellness fair in mid-May.

As I end this post, I am being guided to remind everyone that your own guardian angel is patiently waiting for you to connect with her/him. Simply say out loud or in your mind: Guardian Angel, connect with me now and then pay attention to the signs…you are loved and never alone.

Angel blessings,