Inner Child Healing…

Hello everyone,

I hope that this blog post finds you all well as together, we enjoy a beautiful albeit tumultuous winter season…summer season for those of you in the southern hemisphere. As a result of inclement weather, last week’s workshop focusing on Archangel Gabriel was cancelled and will be re-scheduled.

Though the workshop was cancelled, Archangel Gabriel is guiding me today to write about Inner Child Healing, and this with a sense of urgency. She notes that for many of us, facing a challenging winter period is made that much more difficult with unresolved issues related to inner child neglect and/or unresolved inner child trauma.

Your inner child reflects the child that you once were including the memories of good times and also more challenging times. We all have treasured memories of our childhood but we also have those memories that we try to forget whereby consciously or unconsciously, we have been hurt by someone we loved or trusted. All of those experiences have contributed to the person that we are today.

When I was a child, we made a number of moves due to my father’s job and as a result, I attended 6 different schools to complete my primary education to grade 8. On one hand, this has given me immeasurable strength in dealing with change but also proved to be quite challenging at times. For this little girl who needed love and acceptance, things were not always easy as I frequently felt like an outsider, one standing outside of established inner circles. Fortunately for me, this was made easier by my siblings’ love and friendship and an escape through my love of reading.

Archangel Gabriel reminds us that love and gratitude help to heal all past hurts and traumas. She is guiding us to some concrete steps to honour and heal our inner child. The first is to acknowledge our inner child and any hurt or grief that we suffered during childhood and to do this with love and compassion. This is made easier by also acknowledging our inner child’s qualities – I know that I was kind, caring, funny and smart. The second is to release any negative emotions though love and forgiveness – for ourselves and for others. And finally, we are being guided to nurture our inner child. I loved reading, music and drawing and today, I can reconnect to these and my inner child is happy.

Following is a channelled message from Archangel Gabriel as I prepared for last week’s cancelled workshop and I share it with you now:
‘I am Archangel Gabriel and I am here for you. Trust your ability to connect with me to help you in various ways. I am always there for you, only a thought away.
Trust that I can assist you as you prepare to communicate to others either by speaking or writing for the purpose of teaching or sharing important information.
Trust that I am there for you as you connect to and heal your inner child. I will help you to find pleasure in every day activities. To enjoy the simple things that you forgot or were too afraid to do like dancing, singing and drawing.
You are so very loved.’

Angel blessings,