Archangel Uriel…

Back after some time spent with my family, I have been guided to now write about Archangel Uriel on this October Harvest full moon. Since working with this mighty archangel, I call him the angel of wisdom as he has been helping me to be wiser…wiser about my decisions around life choices including financial, professional, relationships and others. With his help, I am able to more fully trust myself, my inner wisdom, intuition and divine light and for that I am so grateful.

In the various books and articles that I have read, Archangel Uriel’s name has been noted as either ‘Light of God’ (example, Angel Prayers by Kyle Gray) or ‘Fire of God’ (example, The Angel Bible by Hazel Raven). Given how this angelic energy can help and support those who ask, I believe that both names are appropriate. I see him as the ‘Light of God’ when he supports me in understanding my life purpose and how I can be of service on a day-to-day basis. When he is reminding me of my divine intuition, fuel my passion and put it into action, I can relate to his name as the ‘Fire of God’.

Channeled message from Uriel for you today: ‘Trust your inner knowledge and wisdom and shine your light. Now more than ever, you are needed to spread love, light and peace. Call upon me when you feel lost, anxious and fearful. I am here for you and will help you to reconnect with God and your divine self. You have the wisdom and all it takes to recenter yourself and shine, not only for yourself but for those around you, for all on this earth and for your Mother Gaia. You are all connected and your unique gifts are so very important. I am with you and love you.’

Here are various ways that you can work with Archangel Uriel on a day-to-day basis:
– Call upon Uriel when you need courage and endurance to bring things into action;
– Working with Uriel and his red ray of light, you can get support to increase the passion and motivation in your life, to make decisions and put your ideas into action;
– Uriel is known to be in charge of natural or man-made disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and terrorist activity. When asked, he will be there with his legion of angels of light to bring healing and light to these types of situations and for all involved;
– He will support you with clarity and inspiration when you are confused about a situation. Notice repetitive thoughts or ideas in your mind that are positive and helpful once you have asked for his help;
– Uriel will help you with creative and innovative ideas – ideas that you may not have thought of will come to you via different means. Again, notice thoughts and synchronicities in your everyday life;
– Archangel Uriel is known to be connected to Lightworkers as they strive to be of service;
– He will help you to see the light within yourself and others when you feel darkness and fear all around you;
– Uriel will love you and support in healing whenever you feel anger, resentment, greed and other negative emotions linked to the colour red.

Archangel Uriel’s energy is strong and powerful and he is waiting to be called to help you and support you.

Angel blessings,