Archangel Gabriel…

This article continues the weekly series on archangels and provides you with a brief overview of Archangel Gabriel. When I invoke or work with Archangel Gabriel’s vibration, for me she holds a strong, peaceful and feminine energy therefore I refer to her in the feminine.

Archangel Gabriel’s name means ‘Strength of God’. As you probably know, Gabriel is the angel known to have announced the news that Jesus was on his way to Mother Mary in the New Testament. She is also said to have channelled the Koran to the prophet Mohammed. Hence she is often referred to as God’s messenger and the angel of good news.

She is also known as the angel of guidance and will help and guide us with our soul purpose. She will remind us that we are all divine children of God. As the messenger angel, you can call on Gabriel to help you with any communication needs like speaking your truth, delivering a presentation or having a difficult conversation.

Archangel Gabriel holds a very special place in my heart. She has supported me in a number of ways over the last few years. Before retirement, I worked in the healthcare sector specifically related to hospital funding for cancer and dialysis services. Gabriel always helped me to deliver important and sometimes difficult presentations and messages to administrators around funding. On a more personal note, along with Archangel Metatron, she has also helped me to speak my truth about my belief system and new life path.

Following is a message from Archangel Gabriel from Kyle Gray’s book Angel Prayers.
“By speaking your truth, you are sharing your light and aligning yourself with the presence of God. When you lock in your concerns, fears and setbacks, you are clogging up the spiritual centres that allow light to move through you. Welcome me and the angels I work with to boost your strength and your ability to speak up without fear!”

Gabriel is linked to the white spiritual ray of light sometimes referred to as the ray of purification and grace. Following are ways that you can call on her to support and guide you throughout the day and for spiritual growth:
– Gabriel is linked to motherhood and works with with mothers and supports them during all phases of conception, childbirth, adoption and also being a parent.
– When called upon, she loves to help anyone with a writing assignment or presentation whether you are a student, writer or need support with these in any situation.
– Gabriel is known to help us with loving and healing our inner child, that young child in each of us which may need help to heal and feel loved and cared for.
– She is known as the angel to call upon in order to guide and help us to tap into our divine power and strength when life seems tough, confusing or uncertain.
– When asked, this angel will help to guide you with understanding your soul purpose along with putting actions towards fulfilling your life path. Examples of messages from Archangel Gabriel may include taking action by taking classes, joining a group like a writers’ or painters’ group, detoxing your body or sharing your art and accomplishments.

Message from Archangel Gabriel for us today: ‘Remember that you are a child of God and you deserve happiness, health and love. You shine brightest when your life reflects your genuine feelings and you are shining your light! You are never alone.’

Angel blessings,