Archangel Michael…

This week’s article provides you with a brief overview of Archangel Michael, one of the best known of all angels. I am sure that most of you have heard about and are aware of information on this mighty archangel, but I am hoping that each of you will learn something new and gain some insight into how this angel can help you on a day-to-day basis along with your ongoing spiritual growth. In my experience, his energy is strong but calming and protective.

Archangel Michael’s name means ‘He who is like God’. He is the angel of safety and protection along with supporting us with communication through the blue ray of light. He is God’s greatest warrior angel and with his sword of light, he fights for everything that is good. He is also considered one the 7 major archangels. Michael is linked to the blue spiritual ray of light most often referred to as the ray of protection and truth. Not only does Archangel Michael helps us with communication through a link with the throat chakra, he also protects each of us from attracting and holding onto negative energy.

Through 2015-2016, I studied each of the main archangels with Amanda Ellis. We prioritized the order mainly through their link to the chakra system and corresponding colours. Hence, we linked to Archangel Michael as we reached the throat chakra. I remember distinctly hearing him say: ‘Well it’s about time’ and I realized that he had been patiently (or maybe impatiently) waiting to connect with us and also that he has a sense of humour. He has been by my side every day since then with loving guidance and protection.

Following is a message from Archangel Michael taken from Kyle Gray’s book Angel Prayers, a message which I reference occasionally to give me the courage to speak my truth and honour my divinity. I hope that you find it inspirational as well.
“You are already qualified to share what you know about spirituality because you are spirit. There is a great light inside you that is desperate to shine, and I am here to help you. Call on me to dissolve the barriers and blocks that hold you back so that you are able to stand strong and share. By having faith in the higher power, you are invited to take the leap forward, spread your wings and allow them to carry you to new heights! It’s the perfect time!”.

Summarized for you are ways that you can call on him to support and guide you throughout the day and for spiritual growth:
– Through the blue ray, Michael is linked to communication. Invoke his love and support to overcome fear of speaking your truth. One example for me is always to wear clothing with the colour blue when presenting or having an important conversation. This includes conversations about your core beliefs. Archangel Michael will support you in be true to yourself despite intimidation, confrontation, doubt, jealousy and fear.
– When we welcome his energy, he surrounds us and our loved ones and our property with protection and safety. Call on this mighty archangel to protect your family, home and even your vehicles from natural disasters, the elements and accidents.
– Invoke Michael’s energy to cut the virtual cords that you have to negative thoughts, beliefs and habits which no longer serve you and through visualization, you can see him do so with his sword of light.
– Archangel Michael will support us to overcome fear and phobias.
– If you become worried or anxious, visualize Michael putting a beautiful blue cloak around you and he will help you find calm and peace of mind.
– Archangel Michael is known to work especially well with us as we sleep if we ask him to help with any worries that we may have as you prepare for sleep.

Message from Archangel Michael for us today: ‘I am filling you with the courage and confidence to make good life choices. Listen for my guidance as I am with you whenever you need me. I am guiding you every step of the way along your path.’

Angel blessings,