Archangel Chamuel…

This article continues a series on archangels and provides you with a brief overview of Archangel Chamuel. Like all angels, the energy of this archangel is both feminine and masculine. When I invoke or work with Archangel Chamuel’s vibration for me she holds a peaceful, loving and feminine energy therefore I refer to this archangel as her/she.

Archangel Chamuel’s name means ‘He who sees God’. She is the angel of love, peace and purpose and is linked to the heart chakra. She is also considered one the 7 major archangels. Chamuel is linked to the pink spiritual ray of light most often referred to as the ray of love. While Archangel Jophiel helps us to see the beauty in our lives, Archangel Chamuel helps us to see the love.

I started building a relationship with Archangel Chamuel at the beginning 2015 when working with my teacher and mentor Amanda Ellis. As I knew almost nothing about the angelic realm, through our work together, Amanda and I would focus on one archangel at a time and work with this energy for a month or two.

Following is an excerpt of a beautiful Archangel Chamuel message channeled by Amanda for at that time. I am still comforted by this message and reminded of Chamuel’s love whenever I need it. I hope that it brings you peace and comfort as well.
“I come in to bring you my love – my softness, gentleness and grace.
These are misunderstood and abused energies in this world…
Man often takes advantage of those that are deemed soft, who are tender, kind and light in their steps – and yet truly these are the qualities of the Master – of the one who has conquered their difficulties and can walk a new path of Acceptance, Humility, Grace, Compassion & Love.
Love when the easy answer is hate.
Love when it is hard to find.
Love when you are faced with antagonism, prejudice and ignorance.
Love heals everything, solves everything and is the sanctuary.
I Archangel Chamuel offer to all who seek refuge with me”.

Summarized for you are ways that you can call on her to support and guide you throughout the day and for spiritual growth:
– Through the pink ray, Chamuel is linked to love particularly as it relates to self-love and relationships. Invoke her love and support to strenghten you confidence and self-esteem. Through this colour vibration and her love for you, she can also support you in loving and healing your inner child.
– When we welcome her energy and open or heart, she gives us the love and support that we deserve. She helps us understand that happiness is within each of us and not through the outside world.
– She supports us in being able to give and receive unconditional love.
– Chamuel will support us to in bring love or sending love to a difficult situation. She will bring harmony and peace to conflict e.g. divorce and bring love and compassion when grieving.
– She will help you find the career best suited for your life purpose and passion and will help you through any career transition.
– Archangel Chamuel is known as the archangel to call upon to help us find lost objects.

Message from Archangel Chamuel for us today: ‘Find your purpose and joy by seeking happiness within your divine self, not outside yourself. Ask: how can I serve today and everyday given my life purpose.’

Angel blessings,