Given the numerous articles on the August astrological energies and 8/8 Lionsgate, finding a topic for this week’s blog article was a bit daunting.

So, I asked Archangel Metatron what he wanted me to talk about and pulled a card from the Toni Carmine Salerno’s Magdalene Oracle card deck and the card was ‘Transformation’ which you can agree is perfect for the current energies.  I then pulled an accompanying card from the Mario Duguay Oracle of the Angels deck and the card was ‘Energy’. The message was clear.

I have been reflecting on my personal experiences since the 2016 Lionsgate and transformation and change are certainly at the forefront of my journey over the last year.  Archangel Metatron has guided me to reflect with you on what support system has been and is still in place to help me through this trek with the goal of reminding you that he is there for everyone along with your spiritual team.

Since last August, I have found myself planning and fulfilling retirement from a successful corporate career approximately 3 years ahead of schedule, after a lengthy illness said goodbye to my wonderful father, recovered from a fractured ankle, traveled to the UK to get certification as a Metatron Colour Healing System teacher and launched my services as a practitioner and teacher…phew!

Granted, many of these wonderful experiences and challenges may sound similar to you.  We all have our own unique story.  But the real question is how do we experience life while living in the moment and recognizing the blessings of these moments with gratitude.

First and foremost is the support system in place for us all including family, friends and colleagues.  Personally, one of the most difficult lessons has been to recognize that not everyone that I love understands my journey and that’s all right.  I have been guided to apply discernment to my personal relationships and to let go of those that no longer serve while remaining grateful for shared experiences.

I have also learned that not everyone needs to understand my life purpose just like I may not understand theirs, but we can still love, respect and support each other and our individual uniqueness.

Certainly one of the blessings that I have received during this last year has also been the new opportunities for networking and building a community.  This is an important part of our journey and does provide security and a sense of connection so invaluable especially when going through change and challenging situations. I now have a group of ‘soul sisters’ across the globe and locally who are a call or a post away.

During the last year, I have also learned to quiet my mind with nature and meditation.  And I am finally over the guilt (most times) of not being ‘productive’ during those times.  This practice is now part of my self-care regimen although I confess that balancing all of the demands of a busy life remains an ongoing lesson for me as it does for most of us.

Finally, I have learned to trust.  I trust that the spiritual realm has ‘got my back’.  I trust that I need but ask for love, support and guidance through both the wonderful experiences and life challenges.  I am learning to see and hear the signs to know that I have angels and spirit guides including my dad always with me.

I am also learning to trust myself.  I am not ‘perfect’ and I continue to learn everyday and for that I am grateful. Just as you are, I am a divine child of God. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Affirmation:  I am divine love and peace.  I AM.

Love and angel blessings,