Humour and Laughter…

A favourite speaker of mine is Loretta LaRoche. Loretta’s Facebook page describes her as an award winning speaker, author and international stress expert and humour consultant. Loretta uses humour to capture a new perspective on the difficult parts of life.

I heard Loretta speak for the first time many years ago on our local PBS (Public Broadcasting Service).     While I was able to laugh at her monologue, I was struck by the life lessons embedded within.

On her July 18th Facebook post, she noted one of the observations that had impressed me all those years ago. “My mother had good dishes, good towels and good clothes. She was always saving them for special occasions. Your “stuff” does not make life a special occasion. The breath you are taking right now is a special occasion.”  Her humour-filled monologue did in fact help me make significant changes in the way that I looked at my “stuff” and by that I don’t just mean my material possessions but also my flaws and idiosyncrasies.

People tell me that I have a good sense of humour. But that has not always been the case. As a child and young woman, I was very much seeking perfection in myself which led me not only in taking life very seriously and but also personally.  Through life experiences and maturity, I have in fact gained a sense of humour which I define as:

– Going with the flow

– Being able to find certain things or situations amusing

– Not being serious all of the time, and

– Being able to laugh at myself by recognizing my flaws and accepting them.

I love to laugh and to hear others laugh. Laughter is contagious. I am sitting here right now while my neighbours at the cottage are entertaining and the sound of their laughter is feeding my soul.

Laughter and a good sense of humour can reduce stress, help people cope with pain as well as enhance social situations. And in the end, this will increase the positive energy of love and light in any situation and perhaps put a smile on someone’s face.

Mind you, having a good sense of humour does not mean making jokes at another’s expense. There is a definite line between well-intentioned humour and mean-spirited jokes which can lead to bullying, a subject for another day. I believe that someone with a good sense of humour is pleasant in their humour. This person can take a bit of teasing about themselves and doesn’t find amusement in another’s misfortune. This person is tactful and understands his/her audience.

In my life, humour and laughter is akin to medicine and brings me joy and peace.

Affirmation:  Today I feed my soul with joy and laughter!

Angel blessings