Message is clear this morning as I sit quietly and ask Metatron for guidance about this week’s message. Not only is he asking me to write about self-care, but my spiritual team is reminding me that the time is now…no more excuses, no more delays. I have been gathering tips on self-care from many sources over many months and now is the time to accelerate action.
I am sure that most of you can relate to putting others first. As a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend, this is still important, but not consistently and certainly not to the detriment of my wellbeing.
My favourite phrase…I will start on Monday. I will start exercising. I will start dieting. I will start meditating. Monday comes with excitement and determination yet with the least minor issue or break in the routine, within a day or two, all plans or derailed until next Monday.
I now acknowledge this pattern and accept that to take care of myself is to love and respect my Divine self and the body entrusted in my care during my time on earth.
Newly retired from corporate life, Metatron has been guiding me to rest, to take care of myself and to plan the next phase of my life. With guidance from my spiritual team, following are some self-care tips that I have been working on over the last several weeks. Time to put into action…
1) Take time in nature if only a few minutes a day. I enjoy the simple things like gardening, walking barefoot in the grass of my backyard or sitting on the dock and putting my feet in the water. These simple activities keep me grounded and in gratitude.
2) Introduce new exercise and dietary changes in a phased approach. I have learned that trying to start a new program can be overwhelming and easily abandoned. During week 1, I finally gave up drinking cola and during week 2, I introducted gentle yoga into my routine a couple of times a week.
3) Learn to say yes. I am arranging my priorities and schedule to enjoy more time with my loved ones especially embracing spontaneous opportunities that come my way.
4) Learn to say no. I know that I just commented on learning to say yes but the reverse is also true. I am learning to trust myself and to give myself permission to say no if something doesn’t feel right for me.
5) Ask for help. I am learning to ask for help from those I love and from my spiritual team.
6) BE GRATEFUL…so grateful for all of the blessings in my life. I am learning to look for the blessings in everything even in life’s challenges.
I am confident that whatever I am working on, I am capable of achieving my goals and I deserve it.

Affirmation that I created for myself: I am strong, determined and patient. I open my heart to love and take care of myself.

Thank you for listening and sending you love and light in your journey of self-care.

Angel blessings