Welcome to Our Blog…

My journey with Archangel Metatron began in 2014 when I was guided to work with Amanda Ellis from Angelic Celestial Colours based in the UK. With Archangel Metatron and Amanda, I have been able to merge my love of colour with that of service.

Newly retired from an administrative role in healthcare, over the last several months I have been working on defining ‘service’ and clarifying a new life purpose post-retirement. Initially, my instinct was to limit activities to quilting. Quilting is one of my passions…designing a quilt including the colour therapy component, the piecing and the finishing. The quilts are customized to the individual’s needs and made with love and angelic intent.
Though this part of my service is clearly a priority, Archangel Metatron soon gave me the nudge to also pursue the angelic energy healing and teaching components. My biggest surprise was his answer to my question: what tools and venues should I use for teaching…a blog was part of the answer. Hence, the Angel Feathers Energy blog is kicking off today.

As I prepared the various social media sites for Angel Feathers Energy which include the website and blog, Facebook and Instagram, the number 77 kept appearing in various formats. Angelic numerology was the first tool that the angels used to communicate with me a number of years ago.

In order to interpret the angel number messages that I receive, I enjoy using the following site by Joanne Walmsley – Sacred Scribes.


As noted by Joanne, number 77 is an angel message indicating that one has listened to Divine guidance and is now putting that wisdom to work in day-to-day life. Angels are acknowledging that I am on the right path and living and serving my Divine life purpose as guided.

And so the new journey with Angel Feathers Energy starts today, July 7th (number 77 for month-day) which includes a weekly blog to be published on Tuesdays every week unless otherwise noted. The goal is to share, teach and inform through guidance from Archangel Metatron and my spiritual team.

We look forward to your comments and feedback including any questions that you may have which will inform the agenda that we set.

Angel blessings,